Three attractive terraces with steps leading down to the sea for sunbathing and swimming.

The garden is spacious and terraced on three levels. All offer marvellous views but each is slightly different according to its height above the rocks and sea. The top level has the main dining area outside the kitchen and then runs round in front of the living-room. The middle level has comfortable chairs and a table for drinks. The bottom level is spacious and runs from the sous-sol apartment round to the steps which lead to the sea. Each level has beds planted with flowering plants.

At night, the garden is lit by spotlights to create a lovely ambience.

From the bottom level, steps and a path lead to a flat section of rock where you can sunbathe or swim safely. It is difficult for others to reach this bay so it is effectively your own private area.

There are several sun loungers and dinig chairs for each of two outside dining tables. There are also chairs for a covered dining table - so there is plenty of choice as to where to eat and relax. There is a Weber barbecue in the covered walkway outside the kitchen.